Your horse is your pride and joy. You spend many hours with your friend. You always spend many of your hard earned dollars on caring for your favorite horse. Needless to say horse care is very important to you.

Horse care is very important to us as well. We like to provide you with top tips for caring for your friend. Also we enjoy researching and presenting to you our views on horse care products that we think you should be aware of.

Whether it is a saddle pad, or a horse grooming kit, or a better bridle, or how about a saddle blanket, these are the better ideas we bring to you. Please use our resources to better your life with your horse.

Impact Gel Saddle pad

Choosing the correct saddle pad is very important to both your riding pleasure and how well Neoprene and your horse performs when riding it.

When you are choosing the saddle pad to use for your western ride, you need to ask some very key questions about your horse. You will need to determine the physical stature of your horse. Questions to be asked are: Is my horse swayback? or is my horse straight backed?

Is my horse high withered, or very high or maybe low withered. This will definitely matter in picking out the best saddle pad for your horse. You must also consider the type of saddle that you are using on your horse.

You must take these and many other things into account, in order to make the best choice possible for you, the horse, and the comfort and safety of riding your horse. Make your choices easier…
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Impact Gel XT Lite Pad

A great choice to make when picking out a saddle pad is to choose from a great selection of Impact Gel Saddle Pads.

Impact gel is just one of the many choices you can choose from for a great saddle pad. The saddle pad you choose will definitely have an impact on how your horse will perform for you, both long term and short term.

Some of the other great choices are discussed in this very informative article on saddle pads.
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Oster Equine Care Series

This is our review of a great starter grooming kit for the new horse owner. This 7 piece kit has all of the grooming utensils that are needed to properly care for your horse. You need to treat your investment in the best possible way.

As a horse owner, you definitely have advantages to take good care of your horse. A well groomed happy horse is a well performing horse.

Why not max out the pleasure of owning a horse and why not get the maximum pleasure riding experience as well.
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saddle pad choices

After a short period of owning and riding your horse you will realize just how very important having the correct and properly fitting horse riding equipment is to your horse.

One of the most important pieces to concentrate on making the best you can, is the saddle pad.

Our great article about all the necessary areas to cover in buying the best possible saddle pad for your horse is discussed on this page for you.

We don’t leave any stone unturned. As we explore the horse saddle pad, how to buy the correct size, how to buy the properly vented pad and more areas of interest to you.
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Pharmaka Saddle soap

When you purchase a saddle it is usually a rather large purchase, and probably your one sole largest expense for equipment for your horse.

It is an investment into your horse and your horse activities. It is the center of everything equipment wise in horse riding.

So taking good care of your investment should be a priority to you. This article goes through how to clean and why to clean a saddle. Many great ideas are presented to the horse owner.

Taking the time to take great care of a saddle will be well worth it. The fact that your saddle will last many years longer and that you will always have a quality piece of riding equipment should be enough for you to make the effort. It will be enjoyed by both you and your horse for many years.
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