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Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit Oster Equine Care Grooming Kit

When we researched grooming tools, this is one of the highest rated grooming kits. The Oster Equine Care Series 7 Piece Grooming Kit is very special.

Grooming your horse is always a good thing. Finding many of the top tools you need to groom your horse all in one kit is a great thing.

If you are looking for a great buy on horse grooming tools then you came to the right place.

What Is The Big Deal

This kit, is a 7 piece kit of all of the essentials for people when they are starting out with their horse. The kit includes Oster’s stiff grooming brush, soft finishing brush, coarse curry comb, mane and tail brush, mane and tail comb and hoof pick.

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If you shop for this separately, you will pay much, much more than you will pay for this kit. Many customers also mention that the Amazon price for the kit just can’t be beat. Many tried local tack, shops but this was just a better deal for them.

Customer Comments Why Are They All So Excited

The Amazon customers have shown that they very much approve of this grooming kit. There are over one hundred customer reviews, and the customers have rated this Oster kit a at well over a 4.5 star rating. This an excellent rating for any product on Amazon.

Let the customers speak:

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit

Grooming Your Horse

“The Stiff Grooming brush is great at getting the mud off your horse. This is really great if your horse enjoys splashing in mud like my own does.”

“The Mane and Tail Brush/comb get those tough knots out without me tugging on my horse’s hair. They are really big and easy to hold too; so you get a good grip while brushing.”

“The Hoof Pick is durable and doesn’t bend however it DOES NOT have a brush which is a Con”

“The brushes go through the worst tangles in a horses mane and tail easily. This is my pick to groom even my three shelties. They are also very comfortable in my hand.”

“The Medium Face Brush is great at getting the food and mud off his face without hassle .. 🙂 And its big and thick too!”

So as you can see they really think the tools are great.

Why Should I Buy This Kit From Amazon

The biggest reason you should buy this on is that this kit sells for much more in local shops, and  you may as well save your money. Also please remember that Amazon is known worldwide for their top customer service.

At Amazon the customer always come first. You can not beat how dependable their delivering the product in great shape, delivering it quickly, and you will get what you ordered.

You also will enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home. It saves money and time, no more driving from place to place, doing comparable shopping. Just the thought of that is maddening.

Spend your time caring for your horse, and riding your horse. You are buying a name brand, quality equine care kit, and you are getting just what you need, at the price that fits your budget as well. CLICK HERE NOW to purchase the Oster Equine Care kit.


Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming KitOster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming KitOster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, Pink by OsterOster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, Pink by Oster