Why Wear a Cowboy Hat Riding Helmet

Cowboy hat helmets seem to be the one thing that will finally get the cowboy to wear a helmet for protection.

Occunomix cowboy hat helmet

Occunomix cowboy hat helmet

There is a longstanding tradition with western riders that you wear a cowboy hat, not a cowboy hat helmet. Helmets are for English riders not western riders.

But in the world today, where more medical research has been done on the effects of concussions on the long term health of concussion victims.

That is in some ways you do not need to be a brilliant medical student to understand just how important it is to protect yourself against brain damage by wearing western hat helmet.

So your reasons for wearing are very apparent, plus today physicians and safety hat engineers have meet the needs of the western rider. They have designed some very attractive western cowboy hat safety helmets.

From a distance it appears the cowboy or the western rider is wearing the normal cowboy hat but up closer you are able to see that it is a cowboy hat helmet.

So take away from the western rider the fact that the head wear is a cowboy hat, a safety helmet and will protect him or her from any serious brain damage, then it should be a large yes to wearing one.

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Reasons Why Not a Western Riding Helmet Cowboy Hat

You can check out the history, the pictures, and interview all of the participants. Western Riders wear cowboy hats not Helmets.

You can talk safety til you are blue in the face, and most cowboys will NOT wear a safety helmet. Some of the riders just aren’t really sold on the look of the new western riding helmet cowboy hats. They just aren’t the same as wearing that favorite Cowboy Hat.

Some riders just aren’t comfortable with the fit of the hat helmet combo that is presented as a cowboy hat helmet. Why do we promote the Occunomix Vulcan Cowboy style hat, is that it is very unique in the western wear market today.

Another large reason against was the long term riders weren’t comfortable with the increased weight on their heads and often talked about how much warmer the head got while wearing.

Cowboy Hat Riding Helmets Are Trending Up

First the trend toward wearing a safety helmet for cowboys is actually trending upwards. Safety helmet companies that are big in western riding safety hats all report increased sales.

Attendees of riding events are reportedly seeing more and more younger riders wearing safety head gear. The biggest reason here is that younger parents who have raised these younger riders have been aware of head injuries namely concussions and how easily they occur. They wanted their young Johnny or Elizabeth to be protected as they grew up and learned to ride.

It is natural for them to be wearing a helmet type structure on their head and they are used to the heat generated and the tiny bit of weight added to the head wear.

Many have said they cowboy hat is cooler, it breathes easily, vents well. The latest safety helmets are in good competition for matching the older type cowboy hats for venting and cooling comfort.

Product Features

Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, class E & G
Front cotton terry sweatband
Extra wide brim provides more UV protection

Product Description

6-point deluxe nylon squeeze-lock suspension.

Just How Good Is Trevor Brazile?

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile In Action

Trevor Brazile, is at this point in his rodeo career, the top record holder, top all time money winner and holds the most overall Rodeo titles in the history of Rodeo.

Trevor passed all time great Jim Shoulders back in the 2011 rodeo campaign, with his ninth all-around title.

With the victory, he tied Shoulders’s record (16) for most world titles in multiple categories.

He won a second triple crown in 2010, with all-around (a record eighth title, surpassing the record of seven titles set by Ty Murray in 1998), team roping (with partner/heeler Patrick Smith), and tie-down roping titles.

He was the third cowboy to win more than one triple crown and the first since Mr. Shoulders did it in 1957. His current goal is to win the triple crown, one more, a feat no one has ever done before.

What Do All Of These Accomplishments Mean?

As an accomplished rodeo performer, Trevor is in much demand today, as a performer, a teacher, and a spokesman for many sponsors. He is an avid fan of giving back and he enjoys teaching the art of roping to younger people.

His success has not gone to his head, as he states in the video I Am Second that he made in 2011, he is second, and serving God is first.

Many people respect his success as a product of a tough minded individual with great respect for work ethic, and good God centered living.

What About His Personal Life?

He and his family live on a ranch in Decatur, Texas that he shares with his wife, Shada, and his son and daughter, Treston and Stella.

Shada is a former model, working for high-profile rodeo brands including Wrangler, Cruel Girl and Cripple Creek clothing companies. Shada is also a successful barrel racer on the Woman’s Professional Rodeo Association’s circuit.

When Trevor and his family are not on the road, they run an extremely successful ranch operation, producing some of the most sought-after American Quarter horses in the rodeo world.

Trevor, as I previously stated, also endorses a variety of companies including trailer companies, clothing lines and rodeo gear.

trevor brazileSo as you can see they keep very busy. He has said many times in the past couple of years, that retirement from the rodeo circuit will probably come, because of his intense desire to not miss his children growing up

Are There Others That Have Helped Him?

Almost 100% of the time a person owes their success to others around them. The support team is vital to the successful.

Not only does Trevor have Shada and his family, but he has built his success on finding, owning, training  and riding some great horses that have been very instrumental to his success.

If we take a look at his team, the Trevor Brazile horses are Sic ‘Em, Hit Man, Ace, Rio, Big Slick, Texaco, and Jag. Of these horses, Hit Man, has been his horse in the steer roping event. His heading horse has been Ace, his calf roping horses have been Rio, Big Slick, Texaco, and Jag.

He has said that Jag is the perfect compliment to Texaco. Texaco is most famous being so good and yet measuring in at 13 1/2 hands.

Trevor has had a special hand in training each one of these horses and training them to help him to become a champion rodeo performer, many times over. Each horse has a special place in his heart, and each one for their own reason.

How is Trevor Using His Platform?

If you keep up with current state of rodeo in America, most people east of the Mississippi River, in the United States, either don’t even know about rodeo as a sport, or they don’t follow rodeo at all.

Is there rodeo shown on any huge public forum? The answer would be a resounding no. Is Rodeo seen on Pay Per View? No again.

Where can you find Rodeo coverage? Probably about the only place on any large mass communications format, would be watch it on RFD TV on cable television in the United States.

So where does that leave us, as rodeo lovers, with the culture changes in the USA? In the last twenty years, they changes in pop culture, have been making it more difficult for our sport to survive.

But never fear, new leaders in Rodeo in both Canada and the United States are coming forth to work on promoting Rodeo better to all of the North American continent.

What Is Going On In Canada?

trevor brazile The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association is shifting gears at its head office in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

They have named a new leader, in Halifax’s Dan Eddy, a former NASCAR Team owner, whose son has won on the NASCAR circuit in the United States.

He was recently quoted as saying, “When you’re going down the road, you’re hoping just to break even. So it’s about getting the sport to the next level. Just as NASCAR has had success promoting its drivers, we need to promote the cowboys and cowgirls of the sport. They work too hard not to be known nationally and have those efforts recognized. People come to see stars.”

So what does this have to do with Trevor Brazile. Much as it stands, in that Trevor, and a group of current and past World Champions, like Trevor and Fred Whitfield, Tuf Cooper and Charmayne James, have recently formed their own corporation.

This corporation is very similar to the Professional Bull Riders, and it is called the Elite Rodeo Association. It hopes to host fifteen rodeos featuring just the top talent, and have a world championship in Dallas in 2016.

So you see Trevor is putting his money, his talents, and his reputation as a top rodeo performer out there to help grow the sport of rodeo, during a critical time.

Charmayne James Charmayne James is still very active in the Rodeo world. She is following the passion of barrel racing by conducting barrel racing clinics years in advance.

She is also a very popular speaker/clinician at horse expos and events worldwide.

She is an eleven time barrel racing champion in the WPRA association. She was the first ten consecutive year barrel racing champion, from 1984-1993.

She returned 9 years later and became the 2002 WPRA barrel racing champion again.

Who Is Scamper?

Any barrel racer knows a very important part of the event is your horse’s performance. The union of the woman and her horse is vital for a World Champion Barrel racer.

Charmayne’s first horse was Scamper, as she called him. Scamper was a huge part of the first 10 championships. Her last championship in 2002 was with her horse, Cruiser.

Scamper passed away in 2012, but not before Charmayne had him cloned, and Clayton is up for hire for stud today. So Scamper’s clone Clayton lives on.

Why Is Charmayne’s Record So Impressive?

Since the WPRA was founded in 1948, in looking at the history of it’s past champions, shows us no one else has even come close to her phenomenal success in barrel racing.

When looking at the Association’s history there have only been consecutive  winners five other times previously outside of her 10 consecutive championships. [loc]

There was Billie McBride four years 1955-1958, Jane Mayo three times 1959-1961,and Gail Petska 1972-1973. Then we go to Kristie Peterson 1996-1997, and most recently, Kelly Kaminski 2004-2005.

charmayne james

Charmayne James With Scamper

So in total 6 consecutive championships, two woman won three years in a row, and two women won two years in a row.

One woman won four times in a row, then there was Charlmayne with her huge accomplishments.

Some people have compared her accomplishments to Michael Jordanish, Babe Ruth like, or even like Lance Armstrong’s domination of the Tour De France.

I say just let the accomplishments speak for themselves. Her feats will probably never be duplicated again.

Is She Much More?

The answer to this question is definitely yes, as a young girl growing up in a small northeastern New Mexico village of Clayton, she stood out as an extremely caring person.

She cared very deeply for her horses. When she was training and working with Scamper it is reported that she sought out expert veterinarian advice on such things as food supplements for her horse.

In bucking the system and seeking out these alternative and holistic forms of caring for her horses, she often set herself apart from her competitors.

 At times when she felt like her horses were not getting the proper nutrition, she met with vets and created her own all-natural supplement, years before supplements became popular.

Also when a horse was struggling around the first turn, she refused traditional methods and sought out a more humane form of equine dentistry. This brilliance to think outside the box and seek answers from leading experts.

She is not only known as a great barrel racing all time pro, but she is known broadly as a great Horse person. What a high compliment.

What Lies Ahead for Her?

As the future unfolds it is obvious that cares very much in giving back, and helping upcoming generations, to learn to be better horse people.

In her clinics she also shares first hand experiences, and teaches  how to be better a barrel racing.

charmayne james She has written a book, “Charmayne James on Barrel Racing” which was written in 2005, has been a great guide for young students.  It was written to share her vast knowledge of Barrel Racing

A proud owner of the book, as an Amazon customer, the purchaser states “This book is awesome.

It explains in depth her training techniques, feeding programs, exercise programs, etc. Also, it’s like an inside view of her life with barrels.”

Another Amazon customer says, “I have been barrel racing for 12 years and this book includes many ideas and practices that I have never heard of before.

She covered many different aspects of the sport like choosing a prospect and bloodlines, training and conditioning for the horse and rider, dealing with anxiety, sportsmanship and professionalism, nutrition for the horse and rider, troubleshooting, and many more things, including an overview of her career and the great horses she has ridden.”

So as you can see, her passion comes through again, in her book as well as the teaching clinics she puts on throughout the year. To check her schedule you can go here, http://www.charmaynejames.com/, and you will be able to get the latest information on her clinics.