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Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet

Resisting a Resistol Ridesafe Western Hat Helmet Is Hard

There is a real health injury problem in the horse riding community. Think about researching and buying a Resistol RideSafe western hat helmet as a solution and protection for you..

If you are a western horse rider you should be seriously be thinking about your head safety.

The safety issue isn’t new, it is just to a point where the riders are thinking they should maybe be doing something and now that some manufacturers are providing good choices for wearing and for maintaining the real cowboy look, why not invest in your own safety today.

Western Riding Head Safety Isn’t New

So we have written other articles in the past about the importance of wearing a safety helmet when riding a horse.

Our other articles are titled, Western Riding Helmets-Should They Be Worn?, Do You Have A Troxel Cheyenne Rowdy Riding Helmet? and Cowboy Hat Helmets Help You Protect Yourself.

A recent article we posted talks about the importance of buying a certified by the ASTM/SEI as your best option in really protecting yourself. This article may be found here, Buy Only a Riding Helmet Certified By ASTM

These are all great reads, and now we add another strongly investigated resource for your information.

It is imperative to the rider that he or she would be protected from any serious head injuries when riding a horse.

This isn’t now nor has it ever been fun and games for the rider.

The rider as well as the parents both would like to be protected from a riding fall.

But from the young adults or even better yet your younger child who is learning to ride, they have always resisted a riding helmet.

This has been mostly due to the appearances of western horse riding with a silly looking horse riding helmet.

So why is the Resistol conquering the support of all ages of riders, and garnering support in the favor of wearing this cowboy hat helmet.

One main reason is that the helmet does provide the protection but without giving up the traditional cowboy hat appearance. This Is very important to the western horse rider.

Western Horse Riding Safety Helmet Passes Mustard

Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet LargeResistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet Large

I have found that the magic bullet for western horse safety riding is here now and available for all ages as great protective head gear.

It ‘s called the Resistol Ridesafe a great looking western helmet hat the passes all the inspections and bears the ASTM/REI certifications for safety.

It also has to look like I am wearing a cowboy hat, not a riding safety helmet. This helmet passes the eye test to the horse riding of today’s western horse community.

Injury Report Facts As Collected

Over 11,759 people visited emergency rooms for horseback riding related head injuries.  That is way too many head injuries treated at emergency rooms in hospitals for head injuries from horseback riding.

This is according to National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) information. Very sad, but true, we believe many of these which could have been prevented with the Resistol RideSafe western hat helmet.

This is from Resistol’s home website. So as you can see thousands of injuries that could have been helped out with protective head gear in place.

Features of This Helmet

  •  Resistol RideSafe is a genuine 7X fur felt cowboy hat 7X fur felt 100% pure felt including the brim Brim may be shaped just like your favorite cowboy hat
  • New Comfort Dial ASTM/SEI approved
  • Made in the Resistol Factories in Texas, With the Main office in Garland, Texas, USA
  • Item Specifications: Color: Black Measurements: xx Small: 6 3/8 – 6 1/2″ x Small: 6 1/2 – 6 5/8″ Small: 6 3/4 – 6 7/8″ Medium: 7 – 7 1/8″ Large: 7 1/4 – 7 3/8″

An interview with Ricky Bolin, President of Resistol unveiling the new Resistrol Ridesafe cowboy hat.

Some Questions and Answers

Question: What is the best way to clean my headgear?

The Resistol RideSafe headgear can be cleaned by using a clean damp cloth on the plastic parts and soft brush on the hat portion.

Question: How should the Ridesafe be stored?

The protective materials in your headgear are sensitive to extreme heat, so your headgear should always be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not leave your headgear in a car on a hot day or it may be damaged.

Question: Do you make the RideSafe for extra-small or extra-large heads?

Headgear must fit properly for optimum performance. To find the most comfortable fit for your headgear, follow the headgear fit guide to find your correct size.

Miscellaneous comments that will help you in your decision

  • Please contact Resistol Customer Service if you have any questions. You can contact Resistol for customer service by going to this link, Resistol Hats.
    The felt or straw hat is made in Garland, Texas and the brim can be shaped to your style.
  • The hat distributes the force of an impact while resisting penetration
  • The inside of the hat uses impact absorbing EPS. This high density foam crushes to absorb the energy of an impact. The high impact foam inside the hat protects the top of your head.
  • a high density shell and foam helps protect the lower back of your head
  • Use a comfort dial to fine tune the fit to exactly how you want it for an unmatched level of comfort and security.
  • The Ridesafe also uses a retention system that uses adjustable straps keep the hat securely on your head no matter how hard the ride

Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet LargeResistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet Large

So in summation we have built with ample evidence why a resistol cowboy hat helmet should be considered by all riders in today’s riding world.

You can still look Cowboy and be safe. Protect your head and your life. It’s invaluable to all who love you.

Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet
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Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet
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