In the discussion of American Rodeo, the sport has it’s great stars as does other sports in American history. Rodeo has had it’s share of stars in the last sixty-five years.

In fact the word rodeo was only occasionally used for American cowboy sports until the 1920s. Did you know that professional cowboys themselves did not officially adopt the term until 1945.

As it would be there was no attempt to standardize the events needed to make up such sporting contests until 1929. Interestingly, the 1880s through the 1920s, frontier days, stampedes, and cowboy contests were the most popular names.

Western rodeos are very popular in the western states of the United States. The rodeo became very popular and started to become more organized in competitiveness in the late 1940s.

As rodeo became more popular, and provided great entertainment for horse and cattle, and western lifestyle fans, there was an increase in how good the performers would get.

As the performers became better and more professional, a few of the great performers of all time emerged as true stars of American Rodeo.

We are excited to cover some of the American Rodeos larger than life performers of the past sixty-five years.

Charmayne James

In the history of rodeo performers in the USA, one woman performer stands high above other performers since the late 1940s.

Charmayne James is the all time record holders for women rodeo performers.

Charmayne performed as a teenager in 1984 and last competed as a top level performer in 2002 when she won her 11th USA Rodeo Women’s performer awards. She actually won for ten straight years from 1984-1993.

Will these records ever be surpassed again? It is highly unlikely. It would take a herculean effort to even come close to what she has done as a women’s rodeo performer.

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trevor brazile

The top male rodeo performer in the history of American Rodeo, Trevor Brazile, tied the great Jim Shoulders with his sixteenth men’s world title in multiple categories. Trevor did this back in the 2011 Rodeo campaign.

For the past twenty years as rodeo performers go, Trevor Brazile has been a breath of fresh air to the Rodeo world. Trevor is record holder with nine overall titles as top overall rodeo performer for the year. His nine overall awards is tops in the history of cowboy rodeo events in America.

He is also using his platform for the better as he is currently working with a couple of other rodeo superstars to trying to organize and promote rodeo events better. Trevor respects the sport and is giving back to his favorite sport in many ways.

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