western riding

western riding

This website Western Horse Riding was created to help consumers learn important information about top western horse riding gear.

We also aim to cover much general information concerning the western horse riding world.

There is much to learn about this style of horseback riding. You will find that Western riding is very different than English riding.

We have done a lot of research and believe we have much knowledge to share about many  areas of interest in western style horse riding.

Do You Need Information About Horses or Horse Gear

Our site covers various articles about horse care, horse gear and the best way to care for the gear while performing western chores or in western performances. You will find we offer articles about horse saddles, both leather and synthetic.

In another section on the site you will find articles about cleaning horse saddles, how to buy horse saddles, and information about how to buy a saddle that fits right for you.

We also have articles about the proper saddle blankets, and saddle pads to use for your western horse riding activities.

We will also have pages of information for you on, how to buy the proper clothes and boots that you will need for your horse activities. Also suggestions are made for some products that may fit the bill for you in all of these different situations.

What To Look For When Seeking Information

If you are on a mission to learn more about horses, the western style of life, or how to best be safe around horses, then we have you covered. Please read our various pages on subjects, that you may need help with.

The subject of horse gear and all the things that are involved in having fun with your horse, are various, and many.

If you are new to the western style riding, you are who we are trying to help the most. We provide a wide assortment of subjects for you to learn about or at least for you to use as a starting point for your research.

Western Horse Riding 1Always remember that you can check out all the resources that we link out to to help you with the information you need to make successful horse buying decisions.

What Will Be The Most Fun For You

If you are trying to decide the type of activities involving your horse that you will enjoy the most, may we make some suggestions. You can probably broadly summarize this with the following list of activities.

1. Pleasure horseback riding (just saddling up your horse), and going for a half an hour ride with you horse. Just a relaxing time. Fresh air, great scenery, and the fun of riding that horse you always wanted.

2. Endurance RidingYou are probably a veteran rider, and enjoy the challenges of open riding, in competition with others to travel a certain distance as fast as you can.

3. Rodeo Performance activities. Probably the most advanced area of the three. Many long hours of training for rodeo events, with high competition. Rodeo activities such as barrel racing, calf roping tie down events, steer roping events, or team roping events with a riding partner.

These are a few of the Rodeo events you can train for and enter into at the many Rodeos that are held throughout the year, in the western states area.

The Types of Western Horse Riding Gear We Review

We cover saddles, bridles, bits, top selling western riding safety helmets, good riding apparel, and some of the best western riding boots.

We review other top selling western riding gear like, saddle pads, horse blankets, nose bands, etc. as well.we also make recommendations on cleaning products as well.


western riding horseSo this website was founded to help shoppers find this information in one convenient location and without the sales pressure. There are a limited selection of western saddles, boots, helmets, and other related accessory products that we recommend and advertise on this website.

What We Recommend

We have found that sometimes the best way to learn about top selling western horse riding gear is to learn the common terminology used by various brands, and read about the common consumer complaints.

These products that we are suggesting are available for purchase online through Amazon.com by clicking on any of our advertisements.

Although we may receive a commission for a purchase that originates through one of these advertisement links, we do not have any other connection with those companies and would still recommend their products even without these ads. Great riding enjoyment to you!

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