Just How Good Is Trevor Brazile?

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile In Action

Trevor Brazile, is at this point in his rodeo career, the top record holder, top all time money winner and holds the most overall Rodeo titles in the history of Rodeo.

Trevor passed all time great Jim Shoulders back in the 2011 rodeo campaign, with his ninth all-around title.

With the victory, he tied Shoulders’s record (16) for most world titles in multiple categories.

He won a second triple crown in 2010, with all-around (a record eighth title, surpassing the record of seven titles set by Ty Murray in 1998), team roping (with partner/heeler Patrick Smith), and tie-down roping titles.

He was the third cowboy to win more than one triple crown and the first since Mr. Shoulders did it in 1957. His current goal is to win the triple crown, one more, a feat no one has ever done before.

What Do All Of These Accomplishments Mean?

As an accomplished rodeo performer, Trevor is in much demand today, as a performer, a teacher, and a spokesman for many sponsors. He is an avid fan of giving back and he enjoys teaching the art of roping to younger people.

His success has not gone to his head, as he states in the video I Am Second that he made in 2011, he is second, and serving God is first.

Many people respect his success as a product of a tough minded individual with great respect for work ethic, and good God centered living.

What About His Personal Life?

He and his family live on a ranch in Decatur, Texas that he shares with his wife, Shada, and his son and daughter, Treston and Stella.

Shada is a former model, working for high-profile rodeo brands including Wrangler, Cruel Girl and Cripple Creek clothing companies. Shada is also a successful barrel racer on the Woman’s Professional Rodeo Association’s circuit.

When Trevor and his family are not on the road, they run an extremely successful ranch operation, producing some of the most sought-after American Quarter horses in the rodeo world.

Trevor, as I previously stated, also endorses a variety of companies including trailer companies, clothing lines and rodeo gear.

trevor brazileSo as you can see they keep very busy. He has said many times in the past couple of years, that retirement from the rodeo circuit will probably come, because of his intense desire to not miss his children growing up

Are There Others That Have Helped Him?

Almost 100% of the time a person owes their success to others around them. The support team is vital to the successful.

Not only does Trevor have Shada and his family, but he has built his success on finding, owning, training  and riding some great horses that have been very instrumental to his success.

If we take a look at his team, the Trevor Brazile horses are Sic ‘Em, Hit Man, Ace, Rio, Big Slick, Texaco, and Jag. Of these horses, Hit Man, has been his horse in the steer roping event. His heading horse has been Ace, his calf roping horses have been Rio, Big Slick, Texaco, and Jag.

He has said that Jag is the perfect compliment to Texaco. Texaco is most famous being so good and yet measuring in at 13 1/2 hands.

Trevor has had a special hand in training each one of these horses and training them to help him to become a champion rodeo performer, many times over. Each horse has a special place in his heart, and each one for their own reason.

How is Trevor Using His Platform?

If you keep up with current state of rodeo in America, most people east of the Mississippi River, in the United States, either don’t even know about rodeo as a sport, or they don’t follow rodeo at all.

Is there rodeo shown on any huge public forum? The answer would be a resounding no. Is Rodeo seen on Pay Per View? No again.

Where can you find Rodeo coverage? Probably about the only place on any large mass communications format, would be watch it on RFD TV on cable television in the United States.

So where does that leave us, as rodeo lovers, with the culture changes in the USA? In the last twenty years, they changes in pop culture, have been making it more difficult for our sport to survive.

But never fear, new leaders in Rodeo in both Canada and the United States are coming forth to work on promoting Rodeo better to all of the North American continent.

What Is Going On In Canada?

trevor brazile The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association is shifting gears at its head office in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

They have named a new leader, in Halifax’s Dan Eddy, a former NASCAR Team owner, whose son has won on the NASCAR circuit in the United States.

He was recently quoted as saying, “When you’re going down the road, you’re hoping just to break even. So it’s about getting the sport to the next level. Just as NASCAR has had success promoting its drivers, we need to promote the cowboys and cowgirls of the sport. They work too hard not to be known nationally and have those efforts recognized. People come to see stars.”

So what does this have to do with Trevor Brazile. Much as it stands, in that Trevor, and a group of current and past World Champions, like Trevor and Fred Whitfield, Tuf Cooper and Charmayne James, have recently formed their own corporation.

This corporation is very similar to the Professional Bull Riders, and it is called the Elite Rodeo Association. It hopes to host fifteen rodeos featuring just the top talent, and have a world championship in Dallas in 2016.

So you see Trevor is putting his money, his talents, and his reputation as a top rodeo performer out there to help grow the sport of rodeo, during a critical time.