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Cowboy Hat Helmet

What’s the Debate About?

There is an ongoing debate among avid western style riders, about the use of helmets when riding horseback.

The question is should western riding helmets be worn? On one hand, many horseback riders feel like helmets take away from the experience of riding.

While others believe that helmets should only be worn by those participating in western style riding sports like; Cowboy Polo, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, O-Mok-See, Reining, Trail Horse Show, Western Riding (horse show), and Western Pleasure.

Still others think western riding helmets should only be worn for leisure western riding. Almost every major sporting game requires the use of a helmet. Even bicycle riders and skaters are using helmets without question.

Why exactly is it that horseback riders are trying to get away from helmets? They provide riders with protection to their most important body part, their head.

Can Western Riding Helmets Save Lives?

One of the biggest arguments against the wearing of helmets is that they don’t adhere to tradition. Most people don’t picture a helmet when they think of a traditional western rider.

In fact, many shows and competitions frown upon the use of a helmet due to its non-traditional look. This often deters competitive riders from wearing a western style helmet to avoid injury.

However, when should anyone’s safety be put in the back seat due to fashion? While the traditional style of riding may not incorporate a western riding helmet, it did incorporate hats.

Many helmet manufacturers have begun to create western riding helmets. These  riding helmet covers resemble traditional cowboy hats while containing protective material.

You Should Take a Serious Look Today!

In fact don’t just take our word for it, look at how successfully hundreds of happy customers are protecting themselves with safety western horse riding helmets from the Troxel family.

If you are thinking about maybe checking out a western horse riding helmet, than we would suggest to seriously consider protecting your loved ones or yourself from serious injury. 

Wear A Helmet! Check Out Some of The Best from Troxel Below.


The first choice is the Troxel Legacy. An elegant, and popular choice among the horse riding fans who are buying for the young rider.

The Legacy is a great helmet for riders who want value, sleek profile, and Troxel quality in a schooling helmet. many customers have been very pleased with the small/youth size which they find is perfect for adolescents and smaller head sizes.

The second offering for your consideration is the Troxel Spirit. The Spirit is available in Fuchsia, Black Duratec, Mint Dreamscape, Pink Dreamscape, Periwinkle, Black, and Aqua Dreamscape colors.

It is very popular with the middle aged youth, because of fitting so well due to the GPS II Dial Fit System which provides an adjustable fit.

It seems the Spirit is again for training students but it appears to be too large for the smaller, younger horse riding students.

Troxel Sport Schooling Riding Safety Helmet SEI CERTIFICATION All Sizes and Colors (Black, Medium)Troxel Sport Schooling Riding Safety Helmet SEI CERTIFICATION All Sizes and Colors (Black, Medium)

The third choice is the most expensive, yet still a very highly regarded western horse riding helmet for the horse sportsman.

This is the Troxel Sport safety helmet. The number-one selling multi-discipline Equestrian helmet. It is lightweight, well ventilated, and has a system for cooling that keeps sweating to a minimal.

It uses 7 cooling vents to keep your head from becoming overheated. It also comes equipped with an attached sun visor, to make it easier to deal with the outdoor brightness, when riding your horse.

 Have You Ever Tried a Cowboy Hat Helmet?

cowboy hat helmet allows riders to have a traditional appearance without having to forgo their safety. Onlookers won’t even notice the protection underneath the large hat.

Many manufacturers create a plethora of riding helmet covers, allowing riders to customize their helmet in any way they please.

Occunomix, Cowboy Style Hard Hat, Ratchet Suspension, Cotton, Wide Brim, WhiteOccunomix, Cowboy Style Hard Hat, Ratchet Suspension, Cotton, Wide Brim, White

An Occunomix Safety Hardhat Cowboy Style, is just what you are looking for. It’s the classic Cowboy Hat look and yet it is a safety helmet as well.

The answer to what you thought was an impossible problem to solve. You can still be the Cowboy, but yet be smart and protect yourself from serious injury.

Another common argument is that only children and beginners should wear equestrian helmets. Many experienced riders feel that they have the knowledge and training to evaluate risks and steer clear of obstacles.

While many states are implementing laws that mandate helmet usage among children, adult laws are still scarce.

Many riders fail to remember that horses are live animals with thoughts of their own. While riders can learn emergency dismount techniques to avoid injury, there’s never a way to completely control a horse.

In fact, research has shown that riders with more experience are more prone to accidents. Without proper head protection, like wearing a western riding helmet, an accident can lead to life debilitating injuries.

While riders do have some control over horses during a ride, there’s always a chance that the horse will not respond to commands. Riders can experience head injuries from a fall or from the horse directly.

Many riders also believe that western riding helmets are too clunky. Riders are adamant about not wearing a helmet will often say that they are too hot and heavy to wear.

In reality, the design of helmets have gone a long way. Gone are the days of bubble style helmets that collect dirt and grime. But a new breed of western riding helmets has arrived.

Instead, modern riding helmet covers are fashionable in design and come in a number of different styles. Riders can choose a helmet that best suits their personality.

Do You Think New Equestrian Helmets are Fashion Statements

Helmets have become more than just a form of protection, but also a fashion statement. Advances in technology have allowed designers to create helmets that are lightweight, yet still protective.

They can also be incredibly breathable, making them comfortable to wear. Many helmets also come with washable inserts. Riders can wash these portions regularly to avoid the buildup of grime.


Troxel Spirit #1 Selling All Purpose HelmetTroxel Spirit #1 Selling All Purpose HelmetOccunomix Vulcan Cowboy Style Hard Hat w/ Ratchet SuspensionOccunomix Vulcan Cowboy Style Hard Hat w/ Ratchet SuspensionTroxel Rebel Performance Helmet, ArrowTroxel Rebel Performance Helmet, ArrowCowboy Style Hard Hat Squeeze-Lock TAN-One-SizeCowboy Style Hard Hat Squeeze-Lock TAN-One-SizeTroxel Dakota Traildust Equestrian HelmetTroxel Dakota Traildust Equestrian HelmetDakota Equestrian Helmet and Cover M/LDakota Equestrian Helmet and Cover M/L

However, these types of riders fail to realize the seriousness of a head injury while riding a horse. The rider must always remember, that the horse has immense size advantages over him, and the horse can’t always be controlled.

They will often say that it is their choice if they want to wear a helmet or not. With current jurisdiction not forcing every rider to wear a helmet, this is technically true.

Does Your Horse Always Listen to You?

Should a horse fail to listen to commands or become startled, riders are prone to serious injuries. Riders can be rammed into walls or fences at fast speeds. They can also be thrown off of horses and trampled on.

A riding helmet is always there to protect riders in unfortunate events. Without a proper equestrian helmet, riders can be faced with death or permanent disability.

While it is the rider’s choice if they want to risk this or not, the choice certainly has ramifications. It affects family members and loved ones.

Should a rider be faced with a debilitating injury, family members and loved ones are left to take care of them. They often have to make tough choices and sacrifices due to a rider’s choice not to wear a helmet.

What About Modern Equestrian Helmets?

While it may not be ideal, helmets can save lives. They’ll help riders in unfortunate events. With modern helmets available in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs, riders can find a helmet that they’ll actually enjoy.

They are not the same helmets from yesteryear. Instead, modern helmets are stylish, comfortable, and protective.

Many western horse riders today are taking to the new stylish cowboy hat helmets. many of these riders, once the stigma of a helmet is gone will grow increasing accustomed to wearing their helmets.

Because their helmet now looks like a cowboy hat, they won’t give the helmet a second thought, leaving their head protected at all times. Great riding enjoyment to you!